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Like art, a good meal, carefully prepared and beautifully served, inspires both the mind and senses.


Built around a culinary philosophy that takes heavy cues from the seasons, the restaurant will balance a familiar rusticity with a smart global approach. With a focus on organic, local ingredients mixed with Mediterranean flavors and Italian elegance, Audrey will serve as both a destination for Greater Los Angeles and a meeting place for locals in the community.

The menu highlights innovative dishes and signature hand-made pastas inspired by land and sea. Guests will discover an eclectic collection of wines and fresh, creative cocktails

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10883 Lindbrook Dr
Los Angeles CA 90024

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M-Th 5p–11p
F-Sa 12p–11p
Su 10a–11p


Audrey is great because it makes visiting the Hammer an all-day activity.
— LA Times
Great place to sip on a cocktail and draw on a napkin while waiting to be discovered.
— Eater LA
I love Audrey for its effortless yet elevated food. Feels like being on vacation.
— Whitewall


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